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Small But Very Effective Ait 1 Magnetic Tape Format

The AIT (Advance Intelligent Tape) a magnetic tape format which is developed and improved by Sony in the mid 90s

. This is the small form factor type magnetic tape addition to meet the rapid requirements of data backup and storage solutions and particularly for computer data storage purpose. The AIT is well designed, compact in size and perfect space-saving and very economical with low power spending. Despite its small form factor AIT tapes are ideally designed for excellent recording capacity and fast data transaction ability at the superior levels in its class, The AIT magnetic tapes has sustained to progress with perfect stability as a high dependability backup up an archive tape banner for high-end storage networks and very busy departments servers. The AIT tapes are based on similar technology which is used for Video8. This is a half inch single pool tape format with excellent data storage ability. The AIT tapes have also used Helical Scan method of reading and writing the data on tape. Helical Scan technology is most recognized and perfect recording and play tools which used in VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) for many years and proved to be the best and most dependable technology.

HP Q1997A, is the perfect and suitable choice for better, stable, efficient and dependable data storage format to preserve most important and sensitive data. AIT1 Q1997A, offers excellent quality and a remarkable efficiency for perfect data backup and data revival. And has great ability to store and recover huge amount of very important data in very short time with perfection and excellent reliability. Q1997A, offers excellent data storage ability with 35GB native and 70GB with compressed data on a half inch base film. And it is perfectly designed for reliable performance for many years it can hold the archival data with ideal preservation with stable and reliable environment. HP AIT-1 Tape, is also met with very tough industry guidelines for data preservation with perfect HP technology which contain of reliable and high standards of improvements. Millions of users around the globe utilizing this amazing data backup tape format. AIT-1 tape, is very easy to use in any storage environment and performed reliably and failure less operations for more than 20 years of life, and it is reliable and ideally perfect data storage way out for rapidly increasing digital data.

Sony SDX1-35C, a leading magnetic tape format that situates separated from other available data storage format. No other magnetic tape format has a complete magnetic storage capacity and comes with very reliable technologies which are a basic part of this reliable data storage tape format. Sony AIT-1, is a smart combination of some remarkable and reliable technologies like AME (Advanced Metal Evaporate) which is Sony patented technology which offers high class pure metal magnetic layer on the base film without using epoxy resin and binders. And enhanced recording performance and dependability of AIT-1 tapes, with used of this reliable technology. MIC (Memory In cassette) is another reliable technology which is used in these cartridges. This is a pre installed and built in flash memory chip and it is able to store very reliable and most important information about the AIT 1 tape, from its backup data. MIC also improved access speed to cartridge dependent data with excellent reliability during data load and unload processes.

The most reliable part of any magnetic tape is its base film, good quality base film makes the better storage ability and reliable performance with AIT Tape drive or automated libraries. AIT1 tapes, uses most advanced coating technique which has depended on DLC (Diamond Like carbon) technology, which offers excellent smooth carbon coating which is hard like Diamond and many times harder than metal oxides. DLC improved durability with long term reliability of very important and sensitive data. SDX1-25C AIT-1, is most reliable and extraordinary magnetic tape format which give perfect assurance and guarantee for better preservation of corporate data as well with small computer system servers. AIT1 tape, is perfect high performance media tape.

AIT1 tapes are most reliable and perfect solution for rapidly growing storage backup challenges. These AIT 1 tapes are an excellent choice with very low operational expenditures.

All brands of AIT 1 tapes are available at digitaldevicesonline.com

by: Jeff Parker
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