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Wealth Building: Accelerate Your Prosperity

Wealth Building: Accelerate Your Prosperity

Get Out Of Debt And Brace For The Coming Crash

by Michael D. Hume, M.S.

In the northern hemisphere, Winter will officially release its icy grip on us this weekend. Hooray! While winter-like weather doesn't always obey official pronouncements, it can be a little mentally rejuvenating to look at the calendar and know that Spring has finally arrived.

What's the darkest cloud hanging over your head? If you're like most people, it's your financial profile. High debt, a high (and growing) tax burden, and lower earnings can combine to create a worrisome headache for anyone. Sure, the arrival of Spring brings most of us a little uplift in attitude... but to truly revitalize your mindset, start by attacking those dark storm clouds in your personal finances.

It's hard to get effective financial help these days. Why? Because advisors (and financial advice products) are, in the overwhelming majority, rooted in a dying paradigm. The old way of thinking - work hard, put away a little of your salary, stay in "safe" products like mutual funds of stocks, and slowly build wealth - worked great for more than six decades. However, thanks to the slow, progressive changes the world's power brokers have made to our economies, the old paradigm will not work for the next six decades, nor even for the next six years. In fact, the next six months are likely to see trillions of "old paradigm" wealth wash down the drain it's now circling.

Some experts, who've embraced a new and contrarian financial paradigm, predict that some $50 trillion will change hands in the coming months, flowing from the uninformed "sheeple" of the old paradigm to the informed and prepared "new wealthy." That would be, by far, the largest transfer of wealth in world history.

These same experts say a cataclysmic crash is coming in the global economy - something that will make the Great Depression of the 1930s seem like the salad days. Major signs of such a crash have passed by over the last few months, and have gone virtually unreported by the media (which many say is, at least unwittingly, complicit in the crisis). The next big sign - replacement of the U.S. Dollar as the world's reserve currency - will accelerate the crash by driving through the roof prices for everything from gasoline to groceries. And the smart market watchers warn that this will happen virtually overnight.

If the very-real threat of gasoline prices around $10/gallon in the United States doesn't awaken you, be advised that the experts also say hyperinflation is another looming risk. Why? The U.S. Federal Reserve and federal government have embarked upon fiscal and monetary policies (such as printing money and buying their own debt) which places the entire world economy in the greatest peril anyone's seen for decades. Imagine needing to load a wheelbarrow with cash to go to the grocery store, and you'll get some idea of what may well lie ahead.

But don't panic. More new millionaires were created during the Great Depression than at any time in world history, and the same sort of phenomenon will happen during the coming hard times. The wealth will flow to the prepared... so be one of them.

Get some real financial education and advice. The private wealth group of which I am a member is the only place I've found where truly unbiased information is readily available. Unlike "old paradigm" financial advisors, who are often compensated to put their clients into their own firms' "old paradigm" investment products, the leaders of my group urge contrarian action in the investment markets. Without "fighting the market," always a major no-no, these brainiacs have helped our group learn about investment vehicles used by the wealthy to stay that way, and about which information is not readily available to the general public. And the suite of online wealth acceleration products we enjoy are unrivaled in terms of helping people get out of debt and get ready for what's coming.

It wouldn't hurt to get yourself off the financial grid, too, to the extent you're able. The vast majority of my clients and colleagues are starting a business on the side, or even taking up entrepreneurship full-time, to avoid being at the mercy of an employer. After all, employers are also at someone's mercy - they're subject to the whims and fancies of the same power brokers who slowly ruined the global free market in the first place.

You will continue to hear your self-proclaimed thought-leaders in the media soothe you with reports that the financial crisis is over, that stimulus packages and "quantitative easing" are working, and that the worst is behind us. You'll continue to hear that it's not time to panic, even when the dollar tumbles and "panic" becomes the only way to describe the behavior of all around you. But don't be a part of the panic. Be part of the small minority of people who've invested their time, energy, attention, and money wisely by preparing for the inevitable tough times ahead. That'll give you an even greater feeling of Springtime happiness.
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