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Wealth Building - Better To Be Wealthy Than Rich!?

There's a massive difference between being wealthy and being rich. Not all rich people can be wealthy but all wealthy people can be rich. Confused!?...let me explain.If you are a millionaire, are you by default wealthy? Ahmm, not necessarily so. A millionaire by definition is someone whose net worth (asset value minus debt) exceeds a millionaire dollars/euros etc. However, if a person did have 1 million in assets but these assets were not...more

Wealth Building Not Dead Yet

Wealth building in the Conspiracy AgeYes, there is a conspiracy against you.There are three parts to wealth building. The first is making money, next is hanging onto what you make, after this it's a matter of investing in way's that put the fruits of you're labors to work for you. I have to say I have made a lot of mistakes in the past concerning wealth building, this is something that needs to be learned. I believe...more

You can only fly if you jump out the nest "Wealth Building 102"

Have you ever had your dream career or situation at your finger tips, but not have the strength to close the deal?  Is someone or something sucking the energy and passion out of you; hindering you from being your best?  It could be a family member, girlfriend, boyfriend, job, bad habits, etc.  A key part of wealth building is identifying who or what is empowering your vision and objectives; and identifying who or what is not empowering you, but hindering you.  In order to master wealth building you must cut dead weight, and anything keeping you from focusing on your vision.  Eventually, you will have to leave the pack behind.  We all need assistance at some point in our life, but there comes a point where we have to walk by ourselves.  Pursing your own dreams will allow you to be the needed example for family and friends of how to make visions and dreams reality.  The StoryOne of my good friend's father use to disappear every Friday and Saturday night.  He never told anyone where he was going, except for his wife.  We found it strange, and people gossiped about what they thought he was doing.  Years passed, and it became normal for him to not be around...more

Wealth building – The only strategy you will ever need

Wealth is something most people spend a life time trying to achieve and often times never do. There are a few shortcuts to achieving wealth that most people aren't aware of, but the question is what is wealthy enough for you? No matter how much you want to be worth and have the only wealth building strategy you will ever need to...more

Allocating Money Through Discounts

There are many small things you can do to horde dollars today that most consumers do not understand. These little tips add up to save you a lot of money over the long term. A lot of people ignore them and because of this lose hundreds of cash over their lifetime due to their ignorance of this advice.Utilize discounts. There are some purchasers who...more

Daniel Kertcher - Ceo And Founder Of Platinum Pursuits An Expert In Stock Trading Education

Daniel Kertcher is the CEO and Founder of Platinum Pursuits. He is well known as an expert within Australian wealth and stock trading education. Born in 1972 Toronto, Canada, he moved to Australia when he was 16. He completed his degree, Bachelor of Science at University of Queensland with a major in Neurophysiology (Brain Research).In 1993, he joined the real estate industry and was soon promoted to off-shore manager for the company. In 1995 he became an accredited Real Estate agent and started his own agency with his business partner and mother, Sharyn. The agency focused on property, including investment, development, sales, on-site management and maintenance.Destiny made him met two gentlemen living in New Zealand, Max Lewis and Bruce Barnard both having experience of more than 30 years in technical analysis and stock trading education. He employed both of them to teach him the guru mantras of stock trading and was so impressed that he offered to setup a company together.In 1998, MetaShare International was formed with its first office at Auckland, New Zealand. MetaShare provides training courses in technical analysis and stock trading education.Today MetaShare has more than...more

How To Create Wealth With Your Mind

Almost anyone that you ask will say that they would like to be able to attract more money into their lives. The desire to get rich is what compels people to spend money on the lottery, on contests, and even get rich ventures that almost NEVER work...more

Saving Cash With Coupons

You get coupons in the mail, and when you walk in the business. For the casual shopper, this is the only area they think they can find reductions and promo codes. However, there are several other less common, but still supportive, places to get...more

Problems People Have W/ Spending Cash

People often overspend hugely. Their buying habits flirt with the ludicrous, and due to that millions of people around the planet are far in debt. If you utilize the suggestions following, you can be well on your way to alleviating it, slowing or...more

Suggestions For Saving Cash

Saving dollars is fun. If you put individual things in process now, you will be financially strong far far in the future. If you wait until the last minute, you will assuredly be extremely in debt when you approach your older years. It may seem fun...more

Problems And Mistakes Consumers Make Financially

There are many details people make short term that will end up costing them long term, but they ignore them because they do not feel the consequences until way, way later in the future. This is the most notable in the financial stage where people...more

Want More Money?

As people begin to realize that their financial future is not as secure as they may have once thought and as they realize that they have to do something different, many people are wondering how they can learn to make more money or to build a much...more
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