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Micro Wind Turbine: How Small Do These Things Get?

The concept of the micro wind turbine is taking the notion that bigger is better and standing that idea on its head

. But, what exactly is a micro wind turbine and how does this device differ from other wind energy devices that are on the market?

Due to the reduction of fossil fuel supplies worldwide, everyone is starting to think about how to make their own energy at home. Whether or not folks are actually acting on that or not doesn't really matter. This has become the topic du jour and will continue to be so long into the future.What is a micro, or "residential" wind turbine then?

Really, it is nothing more than a miniature version of the same kind of device that is used by large utilities all over the world. These wind turbines are very straightforward and their principal job is to collect energy, or harvest it, from the wind is blowing around us all the time anyway. The mechanical action of the home wind turbine rotor blades creates kinetic energy that can be later converted to electrical energy, just like with those on the wind farm used by the utilities.How are micro wind turbines different than wind turbines a utility might employ?

The main difference is that the smaller residential wind turbines may or may not have battery stations or battery packs associated with them. This type of wind device for your home can often supply power directly to a small appliance or pump.What are the main types of residential wind turbines available for purchase?

There are 2 main varieties of wind energy products you can purchase for your house. The horizontal axis wind turbine is by far the most popular because it produces the most energy for your dollar. However, it is not as aesthetically attractive as the vertical wind turbine, which has largely been designed with the aesthetic sensibilities of an urban public in mind.In other words, with this type of wind turbine, you need to decide whether you're going to go for looks or for power production. The horizontal axis device can be up to 50% more efficient than the vertical wind device.How small do these devices get?

Although there are some super-small examples the people of made simply for demonstration purposes, the smallest practical wind turbine for your home will be about 400 Watts. Depending on what your application is, you can probably use this size of device to charge a set of batteries to use as a backup in case of power outage for some, appliance like a freezer or refrigerator.

In the final analysis, as this area of science progresses, we will see micro wind turbine kits much smaller just like we are saying solar collectors that are embedded in clothing even!

by: Roger Brown
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